Instrumental Hymns

Father God, Thou Art the Source of Life

Father God, Thou Art the Source of Life contains an orchestral rendition of some favorite hymns. It was produced by the gospel bookroom in San Paulo, Brazil, and was originally released as “O Pai, Tu Es a Fonte da Vida.” It has been reproduced in the U.S.A. with an English-language tape cover.

Listen to sample song Click here to hear a sample song, “Oh for a thousand tongues to sing


  • Father God, Thou art the Source of Life (1081)
  • Our God and Father (54)
  • Up from the Grave He Arose! (123)
  • Come, Glorious Savior! (135)
  • All Hail the Pow'r (139)
  • Lord, the King of kings art Thou (148)
  • Fairest Lord Jesus (175)
  • O Lord, How Rich Thou Art to Us (187)
  • Dear Lord, Thou art the Son of God (188)
  • Lord, Thou Art the "Seed of Woman" (191)
  • Dear Lord, Thou Art so Much to Us (193)
  • Thou Art God's Testimony, Lord (194)
  • Lord, Thou Art All the Offerings (195)
  • Lord, the Ancient Types and Symbols (196)


  • How All-Inclusive, Lord, Thou Art (197)
  • Dear Lord, Thou art the Tree of Life (198)
  • Thou Art the Rock Everlasting (199)
  • Thou Art the Sun of Righteousness (200)
  • O Lord, Thou Art Our Paraclete (201)
  • O Lord, Thou Art the Alpha (202)
  • In the Bosom of the Father (203)
  • We Gather Together (1106)
  • There is One Body in the Universe (1107)
  • How Small Thou Art (608)
  • 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (new tune)

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